Information for vets

I am a feline-only veterinary surgeon, with a special interest in cat behaviour, having obtained my DipAs(Companion Animal Behavior Counselling) from Southampton University in 2005. I am currently a candidate member with the Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians, and am working towards my full accreditation as a Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist. As a veterinary surgeon, I understand the interplay between physical and behavioural health, and how a decrease in either can adversely affect animal welfare. As a practicing veterinary surgeon, I also appreciate how it can be difficult to find the time required in general practice to comprehensively work up a behaviour case, but also how managing a cat’s behavioural health inevitably involves teamwork between a behaviourist and the cat’s primary care vets. This is why I only work on veterinary referrals, and why you will always be kept updated with any recommendations that are made. 

Whilst I offer at-home consultations for clients within the Oxfordshire area, I am equally happy to provide online consultations for clients outside of this area, as all cases will be supported by a detailed behavioural questionnaire and house plan, and video/photographic material where needed. 

If you wish to refer a client for a behaviour workup, please complete the referral form:

Referral form for vets

If you are unable to fill the form in one session you can click "save and continue" at the end of the form to be sent an email link to complete the form.