Muna Roberts - Veterinary Cat Behaviourist

Helping you and your cat remain the best of friends

Muna Roberts Yioga Therapist Oxfordshire

Hi, I’m Muna, a cat-only veterinary surgeon and behaviourist


and caregiver of two cats, Georgie and Winnie.

As we all know, our furry felines can be a source of much love and companionship, but also sometimes of some frustration too! Whilst we often tend to appreciate the fact that our feline friends are both affectionate and independent, sometimes their behaviours can have us pulling our hair out, not knowing where to turn. If this sounds like you, then hopefully I can help...

About Muna

I am a feline-only veterinary surgeon, with a special interest in cat behaviour, having obtained my DipAs(Companion Animal Behavior Counselling) in 2005. I currently offer Cat Behaviour consultations around Oxfordshire and online

Cat Behavioural Problems

Problems in cats often arise from emotional motivations which can result in undesirable behaviours. I can help improve the situation for you and your cat by making a diagnosis and suggesting a behavioural programme.

How I work

I only work on referral from your primary care veterinary surgeon, guaranteeing continued care & communication between your cat’s medical & behavioural care team and ensuring any medical conditions are ruled out prior to referral.

"What greater gift than the love of a cat"

– Charles Dickens

I aim to respond to all enquiries within 48 hours.